Lucky Dice 300mg THC




300, but whatever you do, understand your edibles game before you sit at the high stakes table.

THC Content: 300mg THC per pack
Dosage: 150mg THC per gummy (2 per pack)
Cannabis Flavor: High
Easy for sharing: Yes
Recommended for: Experienced
Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, Glucose syrup, Gelatin, Citric acid, Organic virgin coconut oil, Solvent free THC extract, Natural & artificial flavouring, Colouring

Storage Instructions: All infused gummy treats should be kept in their sealed packages and stored in a cool, dry place. If too warm or left out in the sun your treats will melt. Keeping your gummies in a fridge (or freezer) is the best option for long term storage and will not affect the quality of your treats. However, be aware that frequently moving your gummies in & out of a cold storage option (fridge or freezer) will cause some condensation within the sealed package, which has the potential to compromise their longevity.


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