R Series Roil Wax Pen




The Roil vaporizer is the latest addition to the #ThisThingsRips family. It features a familiar #TTR styling that never disappoints. The new Roil vape pen also features an advanced version of the coil-less ceramic ring, which delivers natural tasting, smooth dab rips that have no charred or burnt taste. The state of the art of the Roil vaporizer atomizer is basically free of exposed wires and wicks. This allows the vape to burn longer and at a low temperature. Another amazing thing is that, the Roil’s Vaporizer 510 threaded battery is a variable voltage that features three low-temperature heat settings. And just like all the original R2 and R series, the Roil vaporizer features a discreet pen cap used for ultra-low key dabbing.


Design and Working System

It has a simple design with all the features that its predecessor has. It has a Pyrex airflow system chamber that allows the user to see through the polycarbonate material which is transparent. This allows you to build up hits, see them and experience the best possible pulls. In a nutshell, this is one of the better-designed vaporizers compared to its originals and is becoming increasingly popular among a majority of vapor enthusiasts.

Coil-Less Ceramic Technology

For vapor enthusiasts who have a a better preference of true taste, low temperatures, and prolonged sessions will find Roil’s Vapor Coil less Ceramic Dish Atomizer very useful. As mentioned earlier the coil-less atomic dish is entirely free of exposed wires and wicks. Since the wax is heated through contact with the coil-less ceramic dish but not in the red hot coils; dabs burns at a much lower temperature and slower. This results into better-tasting rips that allow the true actual flavor of the wax concentrates to shine through.

Variable Voltage Battery

Roil Vaporizer has significantly improved on the battery found on #ThisThingsRips previous offerings. It includes a 6500 Micro amp battery which can last for a long time without going off and it is also very easy to charge. The Roil Vaporizer is now equipped with variable voltage battery that features three low-temperature heating settings for an ultimate control. To adjust the preset voltage settings, press the power button 3 times consecutively. This will allow you to be able to experiment and find the best settings that will best work for you. And since the Roil’s Vaporizer is 510 threaded, it is cross compatible with other cross pen atomizers from #ThisThingsRips family including the R Series 2’s Ceramic Rod Atomizer and the OG Four 2.0’s lava-quartz crystal atomizer.

Buying the Roil Vaporizer

Roils Vaporizer is a quality unit that offers the value for money. Its quad air-flow system allows the user to maximize the draws hence experiencing the best possible pulls. It has a built quality that is simply incredible, it has good gripping in hand, feels heavy and very comfortable in the pocket. The Roil Vaporizer has a very user-friendly pen; it will activate by just pressing on the power button five times so that you can continue using it without going off in your pocket accidentally. This is an added security method.


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